Powder Coating Ovens

Powder Coating Box Ovens come in standard sizes from 2,000 mm wide x 2,000 mm deep and 2.200 mm high up to 3,500 mm wide x 6,000 mm deep x 2.400 mm high, larger sizes are available upon request

The standard Powder coating Oven is available with Double doors to one or both ends, The burner box can be manufactured to suit either oven roof mounting or floor mounted and incorporated into the build

All Ovens are manufactured to customers specific needs and include Insulation Thickness of walls and roof from 130 mm thick upwards to 200 mm thick (subject to temperature requirements for the application)

Ovens are fitted with High efficiency Burners in either Natural Gas or LPG (Electric on request)

Controls are provided by a fully enclosed Control Panel housing all motor controls, Digital Temperature setting and read out, High limit safety Stat, Process timer and shut down timer, Lock out alarm and all interlocking controls between pressure switch and control circuits between the burner assembly and main panel

The Burner Box is a fully welded steel unit that houses the burner mounting and air re-circulating plug fan assembly (one or two fans are subject to Oven size) The Burner box is fully clad with RW5 high density Insulation slab and over clad in Galvanised sheet

Insulated floor is optional but highly recommended  

The design enables the oven to be supplied either flat pack or pre-built, this is subject to size for transporting or access to the customers building

Powder Coating On Line or Multi-pass Ovens

Constructed to same specifications as the Box Ovens with the addition of Air Seals to both entry and exit apertures, The air seal boxes are mounted to the roof of the oven, manufactured from fully welded steel sheet, clad in RW5 insulation and over clad in Galvanised sheet, a centrifugal fan mounted to the box top extracts air from within the oven and deliver down air knives positioned down either side of the entry and exit apertures

All Ovens are provided with an exhaust system to remove products of combustion and must be vented outside of the building

All our Ovens are available for use in Wet Spray application and will have additional controls provided to suit the application


When it comes to Powder Coating we really are the specialists serving the whole of the UK for:
On line systems - Box Ovens - Tunnel Ovens and Multi pass Ovens - Cartridge Booths - Reclaim Booths - Water Wash Spray Booths - Bespoke Powder Coating Plants to suit your own application - Pre-Treatment Systems On Line or Tanks for Powder Coating and other applications - Overhead Conveyor Systems - Alloy Wheel Stripping Systems - Alloy Wheel Systems Conveyor and enclosed Batch systems.


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