Metal Pre-Treatment Powder Coating

Pre-Treatment Systems are manufactured to suit the application requirements as based on the stages and procedures  intended.

Tank Dipping Systems

in Mild steel, Stainless steel or a combination of both, generally heated by Natural gas or LPG via bas tank tube firing burner (Electric upon request)

Overhead gantry and hoist, Bund Floor trays designed around the application, Well Oven drying Optional


On Line Pre-treatment

Stainless Steel (Mild Steel available upon request)

Stages to suit requirements, Overall sizes are based on dwell times required for each stage and proposed conveyor speeds

Spray jets per stage calculated on the height of products providing sufficient full coverage of products

Dry Ovens are designed as our standard on line cure ovens and overall length based on conveyor speeds enabling sufficient times for product drying once left pre-treatment and prior to entry into the Spraying facility.


When it comes to Powder Coating we really are the specialists serving the whole of the UK for:
On line systems - Box Ovens - Tunnel Ovens and Multi pass Ovens - Cartridge Booths - Reclaim Booths - Water Wash Spray Booths - Bespoke Powder Coating Plants to suit your own application - Pre-Treatment Systems On Line or Tanks for Powder Coating and other applications - Overhead Conveyor Systems - Alloy Wheel Stripping Systems - Alloy Wheel Systems Conveyor and enclosed Batch systems.


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