Alloy Wheel Stripping System

Dip Tank Chemical Stripping come in various sizes and can range for the hot strip from an eight wheel tank up to 16 wheel tank, over these capacities would generally be a combination of tanks

Tanks are fully welded stainless steel main tank with a built in oil reservoir tank along one side of the main stripping section, Larger Tanks have the oil reservoir along both sides of the stripping section, These are heated with low wattage electric elements that in turn provide the heat transfer from the oil reservoir into the stripping section.

The whole tank is fully clad in RW5 high density insulation and over clad in Stainless steel sheet

The tank lid has spring assistors that allow the lid to be lifted or lowered with ease

Stainless steel work basket provided with the tank

There are Stainless Steel bund trays provided for the tank and for the operator access area, this section is fitted with safety gridding for operator protection

Vertical Post Gantry provides support for the cross beam that supports the traversing hoist system and the full length and width extraction hood and axial driven fan, around the exposed sides of the stripping plant there are suspended curtains that assist in the extraction unit

To the far end of the system there is a stainless steel Wash bay that enables the operator to wash down the Alloy wheels prior to moving onto the next stage of preparation

Provided with the wash bay is a Weir tank system that accepts the wash down fluids to be collected into the attached fluid level pump compartment prior to being dispensed into a suitable foul drain system on the site ( customers are responsible for the waste once it leaves the pump compartment)


Stripping Chemicals require stringent housekeeping, It is imperative that whatever chemicals you use in your system, that you obtain all data from the supplier prior to putting them to use, Cleaning of the chemicals on a regular basis is most important if you want to achieve the longest possible efficiency of the material, be guided by your supplier of the chemicals, ask them to confirm, temperature settings, approximate stripping times , top up procedures , and cleaning / filtration

We do supply a filter system specifically designed for our tanks, please ask for details

We can also offer a variation of Tanks manufactured to your requirements in size and materials (please ask for details)



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