Alloy Wheel Powder Coating

Powder Coating Batch Systems

The range of batch systems start at a single box oven 2,000 mm x 2,000 mm x 2.200 mm high, specification as our box oven page, 2 ,000 mm water wash booth and clean room ( the clean room is optional but strongly recommended )

The System consists of a Clean room 4,000 mm long x 3,000 mm wide with the booth incorporated into the build at one end and the oven to the other

The roof section of the clean room incorporates HF tubular lighting fitted above safety glass panels, plus Air intake filter panels allowing air to be drawn back into the enclosed room and replacing air that has been extracted by the spray booth

Double doors to the front of the enclosed room allow ease of access for both operator and general moving of wheels

Sizes increase according to proposed quantities of wheels required to include larger clean room secondary oven and even a secondary booth

On Line Allow Wheel Powder Coating

Economically we would suggest that this type of system is for the company that is seeking in excess of eighty wheels per day

The ovens are designed as per our standard on line ovens and booths as per our standard

The Conveyor would be floor mounted  to allow the wheels to be coated in a horizontal position and can be either manually rotated as they pass by the sprayer in the booth or be fitted with auto rotation


When it comes to Powder Coating we really are the specialists serving the whole of the UK for:
On line systems - Box Ovens - Tunnel Ovens and Multi pass Ovens - Cartridge Booths - Reclaim Booths - Water Wash Spray Booths - Bespoke Powder Coating Plants to suit your own application - Pre-Treatment Systems On Line or Tanks for Powder Coating and other applications - Overhead Conveyor Systems - Alloy Wheel Stripping Systems - Alloy Wheel Systems Conveyor and enclosed Batch systems.


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